Which supplements should you be taking in the winter?

To quote, well....everyone in Game of Thrones; Winter is coming. With the nights pulling in and the sweat pants creeping back into the clothing rotation, it's a good time to consider which supplements can help in the darker, colder months ahead.

Vitamin B

B vitamins have a range of positive effects on the body; for example B1 is shown to help with normal heart function and B12 aids in reducing fatigue and tiredness.

For the purposes of winter-proofing yourself, B12 plays a key role. It helps increase levels of chemicals that battle low mood and depression. Many people will suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter months and will know all too well how hard that time of year can be. The other benefit of B12 is its ability to fight the general tiredness and fatigue that we associate with winter. So all in all, a good starting point for your winter supplement list!


Vitamin C

No doubt vitamin C is one of the most well known vitamins we need, but why?? It is key in providing a boost to the body's immune system, which is put under a lot more pressure in the winter, or if you are training intensively. This vitamin C supplement will give you your daily needs in just one tablet. Vitamin C is considered important year-round, but it's value is highlighted in the winter, make sure you include it when considering what winter supplements you need!


Vitamin D

It has been shown to help in promoting healthy bones and teeth, supporting lung and heart health, regulating insulin levels and supporting brain and nervous system health, as well as general immune system health.

Vitamin D is primarily produced when we are exposed to sunlight, so the winter is a time when naturally your levels will drop. It can be obtained in the diet too with meat, oily fish and eggs being sources, but it is very hard to get enough to replace the levels we can enjoy in the summertime.

Our vitamin D3 will help in combating low levels in the winter and is another essential on the winter supplements list!



Hopefully by now you can see that my OCD means these vitamins are coming to you in alphabetical order, so the next on the list is ZMA!

ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and B6, and has long been used to help in the winter and can also aid with getting a better nights sleep.

Zinc is a great help in giving the immune system a boost, helping in fighting the coughs and colds associated with the colder weather.

Magnesium helps with maintaining the function of the nervous system as well as protein synthesis and is known to help with relaxation making it a great pre-bed supplement.

B6 is a welcome addition to the winter supplement list and will help with proper metabolic functions to increase energy and fight the tiredness associated with the not so warm and sunny winter months.


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